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DPT-Ctrl is a multifunctional PID controller with differential pressure or air flow transmitter.

DPT-Ctrl enables to control constant pressure or flow of fans, VAV systems or dampers. Its two lined display shows the direction of the control output and the measurement value at the same time. It is possible to select either current or voltage for both the control output and the differential pressure or flow output. The optional autozero function eliminates the need for periodic manual zero point calibration.


Technical details

Accuracy (from applied pressure):
(model 2500)
Pressure < 125 Pa = 1 % + ±2 Pa
Pressure > 125 Pa = 1 % + ±1 Pa
Accuracy (from applied pressure):
(model 7000)
Pressure < 125 Pa = 1.5 % + ±2 Pa
Pressure > 125 Pa = 1.5 % + ±1 Pa
Measuring units: Pressure: Pa, kPa, mbar, inchWC, mmWC, psi
Flow: m3/s, m3/hr, cfm, l/s, m/s, ft/min
Control signal: 0…10 V or 4…20 mA (selectable by jumper)
Output signal for pressure or air flow (selectable via menu): 0…10 VDC, Load R minimum 1 kΩ or 4…20 mA, maximum load 500 Ω (selectable by jumper)
PID-parameters: Adjustable via menu
Zero point calibration: Automatic with autozero element (-AZ) or by pushbutton
Supply voltage: 24 VDC ±10 % / 24 VAC ±10 %
Power consumption: < 1.0 W
Operating temperature: -20…+50 °C (with autozero calibration -5...+50 °C)
-40C model: -40…+50 °C
Protection standard: IP54